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At Appraisal Data Services here in Rochester, NY, we are committed to representing our clients with integrity and honesty. We do so by keeping our customer’s needs at the forefront of the process. We are always honest when carrying-out our appraisals and perform them with an unbiased eye. We have been providing services for of the community for 30 years and have built a reputation for our attentive and reliable real estate appraisals.

All members of our staff are certified and licensed appraisers in the state of New York. All of our reports are very detailed and will provide information about how the property performs when compared with others in the area, make note of any flawed characteristics such as a poor foundation, and ultimately provide an estimate of the sale value. Our trusted and value appraisals have helped many of our customers sell their homes in the past.

If you have private mortgage insurance and are looking for a way to lower your rate, an appraisal may help you do the job. We will perform these appraisals for you so that you have a clear picture on whether or not you can cancel your PMI sooner.  

For dedicated and reliable company that will make sure your needs are met, contact us. We look forward to helping you through the process.

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